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Control Room

Specialist support 7 days a week

The Specialist Support Service allows our Clients to obtain the necessary system support to minimise IT system recovery times in the event of faults or malfunctions, with a significant reduction in the probability of disruption through the use of pro-active systems.

The service has an annual fee for 2nd level specialist support for data centre system faults or malfunctions up to 7 days a week, with an SLA of response within 4 hours, and is also designed for maintenance of complex multi-platform networking infrastructures distributed over various locations around the world. The support is remote and all corrective measures implemented are included in the fee, except for on-site corrective actions, which, however, will have a Next Business Day SLA.

The service is provided by a dedicated Control Room that responds to the urgent needs of each client regarding service availability issues (reactivity) and specific signals from the monitoring systems (proactivity).

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