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30 years of experience and solutions

Infonet Solutions was founded in 1990 and is owned by Dario, Massimo and Roberto Tecchio. Lot has changed since the beginning, the company can now count on more than 60 employees and four offices: Infonet 365 (Gorizia), Infonet Solutions NZ (Aukland – New Zeland), Infonet Solutions IL, LLC (Chicago – Illinois) and a new Headquarters. All these different locations share the same mission: to be a competent and reliable partner for every customer.

The Infonet Solutions work model provides a strategic approach and it is developed with emphasis on customisation in design, together with standardisation of operating procedures, from planning to after-sales support, through internal processes similar to the ITIL model, constant certifications of its staff, but also thanks to a quality management system, based on the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards and the UNI ISO 27001: 2013 standards.

Infonet Solutions is not merely a provider of services and goods, but is geared towards creating a partnership relationship with IT references for a shared goal: to increase the efficiency, competitiveness and value of the company or structure with which it collaborates.


Infonet Solutions develops its presence and expertise through new partnerships

In order to increase the company and the presence on the territory, Infonet Solutions has signed many partnerships over time, expanding its ecosystem: Infonet Solutions NZ , Infonet 365 and Infonet Solutions of Illinois.

The integration between the various companies provides each customer with a solid team of specialists, who work alongside those who develop organizational, production and service processes.

The alliances created allow each customer to deal with a partner of the highest level and to have a widespread territorial coverage at national and international level.

Registered office - Curtarolo (Padova) - Italy
Gorizia - Italy
Headquarters - Curtarolo (Padova) - Italy
Chicago - Illinois
Auckland - New Zealand

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