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How can I grow?

2014 was a year full of experiences, projects and objectives for the training activity promoted by Infonet Solutions. The year was so intense that it simply had to be described and shared, perhaps through a sketchbook, using the effective and immediate language and communicative methodology of SketchNote to express the “feeling” and intensity created during the company’s training experiences.

Sfoglia Come posso crescere? (by Issuu)

Il Marketing nelle imprese ICT: una sfida ineludibile


by Ettore Bolisani, Alberto Donò, Enrico Scarso
(collana Business & Cloud Italia)

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Sviluppo di un modulo di controllo di processo in Nagios


by Francesca Mabilia e Roberto Tecchio
(collana Business & Cloud Italia)

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Progettazione di un’interfaccia di comunicazione per OTRS


by Fabio Zanon e Roberto Tecchio
(collana Business & Cloud Italia)

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