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Parmareggio: top IT infrastructure with HP


Parmareggio, a world leader in the production and marketing of Parmigiano Reggiano, had one objective: to renew its IT infrastructure in order to improve performance and increase scalability.

The operational data centre at the Modena headquarters, which was already based on HP servers and storage, had to be renewed and upgraded. For this purpose, Parmareggio requested its historical partner Infonet Solutions and HP to design a solution with at least a 50% increase in resources and performance compared to its current requirements, both in terms of servers and of storage.
The new solution adopted ISCSI technology in place of its fibre channel architecture, with numerous advantages:
– Up to 50% improvement in performance
– Greater scalability and flexibility in the management of resources
– Optimisation of space in the data centre
– Support in the transition from VMware version 4 to version 5
– Possibility of creating disaster recovery and backup architecture.

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