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CAAF Cgil Nordest

Maximum efficiency with virtualisation. The CAAF Cgil Nordest project

CAAF-CGIL Nordest has also shifted towards the Cloud computing revolution with adoption of the desktop virtualisation process (VDI) for its IT infrastructure, through the use of the VMWARE and CITRIX platform.
The tax services and consultancy centre operating in Veneto, Trentino, Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia – with 12 branches in over 40 districts and a total of 1,200 clients – assigned the design of the infrastructure to Telecom Italia, which chose the Padua-based company, Infonet Solutions, for the specialised activities of installation of the IT components and technical support, as it had already successfully performed a similar operation for the Carlo Poma Hospital in Mantua.
It is the first important case in Italy for the CAAF of Cloud computing with virtualised management of the IT systems. Thanks to Telecom Italia and the experience and skill of Infonet Solutions, an operation is under way that will result in significant savings on infrastructure maintenance and management costs for the branches, leading to advanced and highly controlled data management, as well as better service for clients.
For CAAF-CGIL, Telecom Italia and Infonet Solutions have created a completely virtualised infrastructure based on an HP hardware platform, VMware virtualisation software for the server and CITRIX Xen Desktop for the VDI. Reliability will be guaranteed by creating a business continuity solution that replicates the infrastructure in the local network. It will even have a disaster recovery site, planned in one of Telecom Italia’s remote data centres.

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