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B.T.V. Gruppo Battistolli

B.T.V., with HP “security” in business continuity


B.T.V. has been a leading company for several years in the transport of valuables. To support the growth of the company and its services and implement business continuity, B.T.V. decided to renew its IT system, opting for ISCSI technology and choosing Infonet Solutions and HP as partners.
Thus, B.T.V. launched a project for the complete renewal of its IT system, replacing its servers with the new HP ProLiant DL380 G8 models and its storage with HP StoreVirtual 4730 and 4530 (prior to this, the storage was from another supplier) and phasing out its Fibre Channel network.

The results were truly significant:

– Simplification of the entire IT system
– Savings in management, EUR 35k in licences alone in 5 years
– Greater expandability and scalability
– Higher performance
– Possibility of providing new services
– Implementation of a business continuity solution

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